BusNotFoundException: [FMOD] Bus not found only in webGL

As the topic says, the busses for a project appear to not be loading/accessible in webGL. It works fine in the unity editor and builds for windows. All other audio works correctly. To clarify, I am mapping sliders in-game to levels of various busses to allow control of volume. The unity version is 2020.3.16f1 and the FMOD version is 2.02.04.

The project uses a coroutine/loading screen to load the banks. Playing music via an event didn’t work before I implemented this coroutine/player input system. I assumed that the problem with finding the bus would have the same solution but it appears not to make a difference. Any ideas on what to do? Or is there any particular information that I could provide to better diagnose this problem?

I have reproduced this issue as you’ve described by loading the scene without first having a user interaction. There is a user interaction requirement for modern browsers, so until there’s a button press or some other interaction there won’t be any audio. In our Bouncing Ball demo for example we use buttons to trigger the bank and scene loading to fulfill the user interaction requirement. Can you please try to implement something similar and see if you are still getting this issue afterwards?