Calling Set Timeline Position limitations

(Fatih Inan) #1


We have a lot of FMODAmbient Soundfiles in our Level.
I want to be able to “seek” to some points of all sound files.

But as soon as I call Set Timeline Position on more than 3 Files in a short distance it stops working and every file is either in the correct position or at the very beginning.

This forces me to build crazy workarounds like triggering 3 files - waiting - then another 3 and so forth.

Any ideas on how this could be done otherwise?


(Cameron Baron) #2

What versions are you using for UE4, FMOD Studio and the FMOD UE4 integration?

(Fatih Inan) #3

Hey Cameron, for this particular Build we are using unreal 4.16.3. And FMOD 1.09.6 or 8. FMOD Studio 1.9.

Since you mentioned versions. I started upgrading our project to 4.17 and fmod 1.10. Will report back to you later this week if the problem still persists.