Can I choose a banks when i commit?

Hi. I’m working with team and we use unity and SVN tortoise. So, I have commited all data which has something changed, And always banks and master bank is in there.
In that part, I was wondering, Can I choose a banks to commit whith master bank?

For example, In commit situation,

  1. I’m going to commit banks and Master bank at unity client file whit svn.

  2. The commit list is showing some banks and master bank that having changed data.
    (A bank, B Bank, Master Bank, Master strings bank)

  3. I select ‘’ and ‘’ and ‘’ to commit unity client folder.
    (‘’ was changed but i’m not commited ‘’. And is commited)

is it ok? I think there will be conflict in the further builds. But my friend said It will be OK.
I was understanding Master bank is containing all banks. So i have commited all banks and master banks. Which one is right? Is it OK???


The FMOD Studio | Glossary - Master Bank doesn’t contain other banks, however, it does contain data related to the FMOD studio project. Compared to an FMOD Studio | Glossary - Bank which only contains data relating to the events assigned to it.

Yes, there will be no issue if you ignore a bank when committing however, in the following examples:

any events attached to that have been changed will not have those changes committed either. They will work but without the changes ignored in the bank.

Could you elaborate on why you are looking at ignoring banks when committing?