Banks not transferring via version control

One of my projects that’s using FMOD Studio is having issues properly transferring banks to different computers via version control. Every time I make changes and push to the programmer via BitBucket/Sourcetree, he has to open FMOD to rebuild the banks and export the GUIDs. I’m trying to narrow down what the issue is exactly. I’m not entirely sure what is the correct structure for including the FMOD project inside our Unity repo. Right now I have Project Repo > Assets > FMOD Project Folder and the banks are in the Build folder inside of this. The banks are also duplicated in the StreamingAssets folder. Has anyone solved this issue before?

Having the Studio project inside your Unity project would not be recommended.
You can keep the Studio Project next to the Assets folder, that way it will still be the same relative path from the game for everyone working on it. Usually not everyone needs access to the Studio project and there are a few files that need to be excluded from source control:

Thanks, will take a look at it.