Committing built FMOD Banks to SVN - Is there an alternative?

We are using SVN for our game in Unity and we currently have FMOD set up to import banks into StreamingAssets at build time. As such, all of the banks for each platform (currently 5 platforms, but likely more in the future) are in the Unity project and are committed to the server.

The problem is that our SVN server space is limited and this solution doesn’t seem particularly scalable, especially if we have multiple games running on multiple platforms. Is there an elegant alternative to this, or is this the preferred method for everyone?

The only thing that I can think of doing would be to break up the project into a lot of smaller banks (if you aren’t already), so that one small change/addition of a wav file doesn’t rebuild some pretty big banks. I might also try to avoid committing as often, if you can get away with that.

Also, can the SVN admin go in and delete old bank commits to free up some space? I’m not sure how valuable that version history is, or how feasible that is. I figure having a version history for your FMOD project files and source files is more valuable to preserve than the resulting banks.

Thanks for the suggestion @capybara but the problem is less that there will be loads of changes being committed and more the fact that the banks for each platform are built and committed to SVN when the only time they are needed is when building for those specific platforms on our build machines. The rest of the time time the team only needs the banks for our Desktop platforms so they can play the game with audio in the editor.

We generally recommend ignoring the banks copied into the StreamingAssets directory: Using Source Control. For the original source banks, if you are concerned you won’t have space for them in source control then perhaps you could setup a shared network drive or synced directory?