Getting Unity to play FMOD events without FMOD

I bet this has been discussed before, but it must be buried deep somewhere because I can’t find it. I’m working with a team using Unity and FMOD and though I have FMOD, many of the other team members do not. They would like to run the game, audio and all, without needing to install FMOD and building the project each time. Is there a solution to have the audio playable in Unity without relying on FMOD?


To play content you’ve authored with FMOD Studio, your team members won’t need FMOD Studio installed or direct access to the Studio project - they just need the FMOD Unity integration installed, and access to your built banks. To load banks from a specified path instead of from the Studio project in Unity, in FMOD → Settings they can change the source type to “Single Platform Build” or “Multi Platform Build”, and then specify the directory of the banks in “Build Path”.

Hope this helps!