Can the engine designer script make implementation into Unity easier?

I’ve got all the best noobish questions.

So, I’m not implementing. I’m passing my build and explanation of the parameters over to the programmers.

Can the Engine designer script make their job easier in any way?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: The Engine Designer script is an example of how an FMOD Studio script could be used as a stand-in for live update in the event that live update is not available, specifically by demonstrating how a script can cause one parameter to affect another in a complex way. Like all FMOD Studio scripts, it only functions inside FMOD Studio, and cannot be used in your game.

Which is to say, it doesn’t do anything that’s useful for a programmer. It might be useful to you as a sound designer, if your game models a vehicle engine the exact same way the script does… But it’s more likely that your game uses a different model, if it models engines at all. As I mentioned, the script is intended as an example, so it’s deliberately simple to make it easier to understand.

Great, thanks joseph :slight_smile:

My engine uses the same model as the FMOD script basically, so it does really come in handy for me, a lot. Except I’m curious how to also implement Throttle. I’ve made a new post relating to that → Question about "Throttle" when designing car engine: RPM, Load, and ?throttle?