Issue with snapshot priority using UE-AudioVolumes


I think I found a bug or a UE-FMOD Plugin conflict:
In the project, we have some old Israeli Insula houses with a lot of small and nested rooms and yards.
To make the different reverb zomes with snapshots I use the “audio volumes” and add the “FMOD-Reverbs” in there.
To make that work the snapshot priorities in FMOD Studio have to be set right, I know that.

The issue comes in because the UE-audio volumes have their own priority mechanic built in, which seems to be in conflict with FMOD.
If the lowest priority SnSh (in FMOD Studio) is triggered, no higher SnSh can get triggered!
It works if I do the priority in the UE-audio volumes…
However, I expected that, if all priorities from UE-audio volumes are the same, the FMOD priority list should take effect, but it seems they are completely bypassed.

(I want to use the UE-audio volumes because I thought I could save working out the overlapping start/stop with regular trigger boxes.)

I have not been able to reproduce this issue, can you please tell me what version of FMOD and Unreal you are using?

It is Unreal 5.03 and FMOD Studio 2.02.09

Any other clarification? I hope I described the issue well enough.

Thank you for the additional information. I think I have reproduced the unexpected behaviour you are describing when using blending snapshots, but not just overriding snapshots. Are you using all overriding snapshots or are you using blending snapshots as well?

I only used overwriting snapshots.

Okay I have reproduced this now using just overriding snapshots- I wasn’t using enough nested volumes previously.
I think you are right that this appears to be caused by conflicting Unreal audio volume priorities. I have passed this information onto the Dev team to investigate further.
Please continue using the Unreal audio volume priorities in the meantime, and thank you for bringing this to our attention!
EDIT: After discussing with the Dev team, they have said that this is intended behavior, and different priorities should be set inside the Audio Volume’s settings in the case of nested Audio Volumes. I do not think this is clear in our docs, so I have updated the task to better explain this better.

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Thanks for your reply! Alright then. I will use the UE priorities.
I hope it works for the project and I don’t have to use regular trigger boxes - I don’t want to mix them up. :wink:

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