Can you Spatialize FMOD Programmer Instruments?

We are trying to use Programmer Instruments for VO in a VR app, so that a large number of voiceover files can be managed outside of FMOD but run through FMOD’s engine for processing and side-chaining. Generally these VOs are non-diegetic, but there may be times when we want to spatialize them (we are using the Oculus Spatializer). Is it be possible to spatialize them without an emitter? If so, where would one put the transform.position?

Using Unity 2022.3 and FMOD 2.02.15


Yes, it would be possible. You have the choice of setting the 3DAttributes on either the FMOD Engine | Core API - Channel or the FMOD Engine | Core API - Event Instance, depending how you are playing the Programmer Instrument it may be easier to set the attributes on the instance. An example of how to use set3DAttributes can be found in our Unity Integration | Scripting Examples - Basic.

Hope this helps!