Adding an offset to spatialization?

In the engine we put Fmod Studio API into, sound emitters (that trigger events) can only ever play the sound “at” the emitting model. So player characters will have all sounds playing from their belly. I am doing binaural spatialization with either steam audio, resonance, or oculus, and I was wondering if there’s a way to add an offset to the spatialization, so I can lower or raise a sound, or bring it forward a little, etc, relative to the origin point of the sound?

This offset would be easy to implement in your engine. I don’t think it’s possible to set that in FMOD itself.

Alright, thanks anyway! I think we may have a solution, after reviewing the emitters function. It’s not our original engine, and we don’t have source code access, so we have to “fool” it into working :slight_smile:

You can either manually set the event instance’s coordinates by using Studio::EventInstance::set3DAttributes or by placing the event emitter itself onto a separate invisible game object on the character model.