Cannot get event with Studio API (FMOD ERROR (74))


I dont know why but when i try to get the event by GUID or event id i get error 74. The documentation said something about the strings bank had to be loaded as well as the bank but i do not find any way to load the strings bank with the bank. I dont even know if that is the problem. Any idea what might be wrong?

It’s hard to tell without the context of the rest of the script, but error 74 means it cannot find and event, bus, or parameter. The is only needed if you are loading events using their paths, you won’t need to load it if you are using GUIDs.

I would suggest double checking the event path/GUID you are using and ensuring it matches the string you are passing into your function and that all events are assigned to the banks being loaded.

So im now loading the strings instead but i still get the same problem. Here is the project and i just rebuildt the bank. Cant upload more than one image at a time so im adding some below.

Here is the rest of the code. Just trying to play sound from an event to try it out

Yes, so you’re trying to load the event by its path (event://Test) so you will need to load both the and the before trying to load this event.

The contains all the metadata for the mixer, as well as any metadata (and assets by default) for events assigned to it.

The only has the information linking the paths of events/buses/parameters/etc to their GUIDs, allowing you to get these objects via their paths.

Yes thank you! I had to load the bank and the strings bank the same way inside the loader: