Cannot get master bus with GetBus after upgrading unity integration

After upgrading FMOD to 1.10.14 and updating the project, everything works fine when running from Unity IDE, however the standalone build throws an exception on the following line:
mainBus = RuntimeManager.GetBus("bus:/Master");

Previously I has a similar problem that was fixed by setting the master bank in the FMOD Settings - however, the current version does not show that field anymore.
The FMOD->Event Browser shows the bank ‘Master’ as before so I assume it’s there, but cannot get to it. Rebuilding the banks and clearing the cache did not help.

Again, that same code runs fine without any errors in the editor, I only get the exception at runtime.

Please advise.

FMOD Studio: 1.10.14
Unity integration: 1.10.14
Unity: 2018.4.3

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to get the master output bus, and not a bus you created yourself called “Master”.

If this is the case, the master bus is always “bus:/”, not “bus:/Master”.

You can see this for yourself in studio by right clicking the bus and selecting ‘Copy Path’

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“bus:/” used to work in 1.10 but not in 2.1 anymore - what was the master bus renamed too? I cant seem to find out. Not sure what I would right click on to get the Copy Path option in studio.

That should still work, what is the FMOD_RESULT returned by the FMOD function?

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Finding the bus and working with it works fine for me. Unity Integration 2.1.05 Studio 2.1.07, Unity version 2020.2.3. (Finding in Awake())

FMOD.Studio.Bus musicBus;
musicBus = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.GetBus(“bus:/”);

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Indeed it works now.
I had inconsistent results when running on a M1 powered Macbook - but it seems like the issue had to do with linking and the whole library was not properly loading in the first place.