can't add single events to mixer view

In the past, working with FMOD 1.5, I was able to drag the input bus of an individual event into a mixer view. Working now with version 1.7, I’m unable to do this. Is there another way, or something else I’m missing?

Currently on 1.07.1 on OS X Yosemite. Thanks.

With 1.07, we’re deprecating Input buses. If you migrate an existing project to 1.07, any effects and settings on its input buses will be moved to group buses automatically created for the purpose.

There’s a simple reason for this: Most input buses don’t actually do anything. We surveyed a number of users, and in any given project, the vast majority of input buses were left with their default settings… Meaning that they didn’t do anything that wasn’t going to happen anyway. Having input buses for every event, when most of those input buses were never actually used, seemed like a pointless waste of resources.

If you still want to have buses for specific events in your project, you can: Just create a group bus for the event, and route the event into it. (That’s actually what input buses did, under the hood.) This will give you exactly the same functionality, but only when you actually need it, instead of all the time.

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Interesting. For the projects I’ve worked on (admittedly few and relatively small), I used input buses in the mixer view to adjust the levels of individual events relative to each other, the same way I would when mixing tracks in a standard DAW. Is there another easy way to do that that I’ve overlooked, or are most users just adjusting the volume in the event view? I can certainly create a group for each event as you’ve suggested, but with my current workflow it seems that I’ll need to do that for the majority of events.


In the projects I personally looked at, input buses rarely included any volume adjustment. Adjustments were usually applied to large numbers of events via group buses, but were sometimes also applied within the events themselves, either to the master track, or to the audio tracks and the individual sound modules they contained. (Some of these projects may have made use of sound files baked to particular levels of perceived loudness outside of Studio, which would reduce the need for per-event volume adjustment in the mixer; I have no way to check.) In either case, applying your volume adjustments inside each event, as you suggest, would be the most resource-efficient method.

Okay, thanks for the info.

Just a heads up that in Studio 1.07.06, we’ve added event mixer strips to the mixing desk. This reintroduces some of the previous mixer input functionality, such as the ability to meter, solo and mute events, and scope events into mixer views. You can also quickly modify the master volume for the event and view the event macros for selected strip.

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