Unable to see input track in mixer window?

I’m unable to see the event as an input in the mixer window. It shows up with an event icon next to it instead of "Input"and I’m unable to view it in Selected Buses. I can see the Group buses fine in “Selected Buses” but not the individual event tracks. My bank and group routing are fine so I don’t think it has to do with that.


From your question, I assume you are using 1.07 as that’s the version we replaced the “Input” icon in the mixer view for events.

In 1.07, we have deprecated the mixer input. To achieve the same effect as prior version, the new workflow would be to create a group, modify the group as you would with mixer input and route the event to the group.


Ah ok. Yes I’m using that version. I’ve routed the events into the group as usual and still can’t see the individual events. I’ve even opened previous projects and can only seem to see the group buses.

Then Studio is working correctly; Input buses have been deprecated, as they consume the same resources as a group bus, yet only a tiny minority of them in any given project are actually used for anything. If you want a bus that’s associated with a single specific event, create a group bus for that specific event and treat it as you would have treated the input bus of that event; It will behave in exactly the same way, except that the icon says “Grp” instead of “Input.”


This was very helpful, thank you. I was watching a tutorial video, and I spent a good 10 mins trying to figure out how to create inputs, and then I googled, and came across this answer. Again, thanks for your help!