Project requires the "FMODStudio Plugin" which could not be found. Need urgent help


I’m trying to open an Unreal Engine 5 project but everytime I try to this image keeps popping up. Even though FMOD files are in the project and in UE files, I tried reinstalling, reloading, doing it on another project but this just keeps showing up. any idea on how to fix it?

What version of the FMOD Integration are you using?
Is this a Blueprint-only project or can you rebuild it from the .sln? Can I see your plugin files:

It’s a Blueprint only project. as for the FMOD version, it’s 5.2


This is a known issue with Blueprint-only projects: Unreal Integration | Troubleshooting: Blueprint only projects.

The solution is to add a C++ class to the project and rebuild from the solution. Hope this helps.

Could you explain how to do that step by step? I should also mention other people are working on this project and they don’t seem to be having this problem, so I don’t want to risk causing any damage


There are instructions for adding a C++ class here: Using the C++ Class Wizard in Unreal Engine.

You may need to remove the FMOD integration to be able to open the UE project to add the C++ class. Once the has been added you will be able to reimport the integration.

How are you working together? Are you using the UE built-in Source control or an external source control?

It’s through Github, so I believe an external source control? Again, they’re not having this issue, it just seems to be me.

Also, Do I have to remove the FMOD files in the project and readd them?

The Unreal Engine default .gitignore ignores plugin binary files which may be contributing to the issue.

# Binary Files

However, adding a C++ class to your project is recommended to avoid this issue in the future.