Can't save BankLookUp in Private Integration Data

I’m working on a project with unreal engine 5 and FMOD but there is a problem with the PrivateIntegrationData - Folder. I can’t save the BankLookUp - File. I have a lot of problems with the FMOD - events in Unreal like not playing events, not working snapshots or changes in FMOD which have no effect in Unreal engine and I don’t know if this is the cause or what this file do exactly. Can anyone help?

What version of the FMOD Unreal integration are you using, and does that match your FMOD Studio version exactly?
Can you please try clearing your Built banks output directory in FMOD Studio and run the Validate FMOD helper again?

I use the newest Version of FMOD with the FMOD for Unreal - Plugin for Unreal Engine 5, but I solved it now somehow by moving the file to another place and back.