Capture sound and play it at another location


As the title implies I am trying to capture sound from one location and then play it another location.
I have read about Transceivers and tried using them by creating two 3D Actions with Transceiver effect.
One set Receive and the other to Transmit both using the 1 channel. Creating two FMODAmbientSound’s, one using the Transmit action and one the Receive action. Seperating them by some distance and then placing a looping sound close to the Transmit action. But nothing gets translated to the Receive action. From reading on the forum I need to somehow inject sound to the transmitter but not sure how.

Thanks for any help I can get.

What do you mean by “capture”? If you mean every sounds going through a particular bus, you should put the transciever transmitter directly on that bus (and not on an event). And the event containing the receiver should be playing all the time you want the effect to apply. Also set this event to persistent, to prevent it to stop by lack of content.

Thanks for the reply!
I hope this image things more clear.
What we are trying to achieve is to record sounds from one room and then replay it in the other room.

If the microphone is capturing only a looping sound, why don’t you directly play it on the speaker?
I’m not aware it’s possible to have a virtual spatialized listener (the mic), capturing sounds emitted around him…

Wanted to keep the example simple but there is more then one sound in Room 2.

And I presume you want to keep the spatialization of all the sounds in room 2, relatively to the microphone, which is the tricky part…

Spatialization would be very nice to have but if you have a solution for non-spatialization we would be happy for any advice.

Thinking twice, you don’t really need to spatialize events in room 2, since the final sound will come from the speaker. Why don’t you just implement a custom attenuation, using a parameter, set in regard to the distance of the events to the microphone? You’ll then force the spatialisation of all those events to the speaker location.
Do you need to keep the direct sound of room 2? Is the listener able to quit room 1 and go elsewhere? Could you describe more precisely what kind of sounds will be in room 2, what kind of game/mood, etc… Are the sounds attached to game objects? Moving objects?..

Would preferably have the direct sound.
The listener can move around to other rooms and locations.
Sounds from the room:
Enemies walking around, wind, ticking clocks a lot of ambient sounds.
Want to avoid going into detail about the game as it’s very hush hush.

Ok. Here’s a way to implement that, which should work.

Keep normal implementation of the events inside room 2, spatialization included. But in all those events, insert a tranciever effect, set to “transmit”, just before the spatializer. It will send the signal to the speaker, regardless of the level of the direct sound.

If you want to keep a sense of objects moving, in the speaker emission, you’ll automate the “level” of those transcievers, using a parameter controlled by the distance between the event and the microphone. The further is the event from the microphone, the less it will send the signal to the speaker (using the transceiver). You can convert your transciever effect to preset, to easily apply it to all concerned events (level automation included).

For the speaker, create an empty 3D event, set to persistent, with the transciever before the spatializer, set to “recieve” (with the same channel). You’ll also insert all the effects you want to sound as a speaker (distortion, EQ, etc…).

Yeah that actually sounds possible with a little bit of work
Will try it out and get back to you. Might take a few days as other things have come up.
Thanks for the help and the fast replies.

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