Censorship beeping with parameter

Hey guys,
I am trying to implement a censorship “beep” in an event track. Using a single, global parameter, is it possible to enable another track to play while triggering a volume curve that cuts out the cuss word? E.g. if this is an uncensored version the VO track will play as-is and the “beep” track will be silent. If we are censoring, the beep will play at when it hits the timeline and the VO track will be silent (following the sharp volume curve I set-up).

Let me know! Thanks!


It is possible.
Create a discrete parameter “Censored” values 0,1.
Your main event will contain 2 tracks, VO track and beep track. Route your VO track to a specific mixer group or return (we’ll call it VO return). Create a “beep snapshot” while scoping in the VO return volume. Enter the track view of the snapshot, automate the VO return volume and trace your custom volume attenuation curve on the timeline (alternatively, you could set an AHDSR modulator on the snapshot intensity, but it will be less customisable).
Go back to your main event. On the beep track, create a nested event and enter it (we’ll call it the “beep event”). The beep event will contain 2 tracks: the beep sound and the beep snapshot, playing simultaneously. Return to your main event. You’ll have to configure the trigger behavior of the beep event and add the trigger condition Censored = 1. Now your beep event is set up, all you have to do is copy/paste it on the timeline where you want the effect to take place.

To route a unique track, you’ll have to send it to the VO return before the track volume, which you’ll set to -inf.

However, this is complicated and you wont be able to adapt to the length of the word. Instead of snapshots, why not simply sidechaining a compressor on the VO track with the beep track signal? It’s much simpler and you can adapt the lenght of the beep sound. The beep track could be automated as well (so the sidechain will follow).

With sidechaining.
I didn’t play with Censored = 0 for fear of being flagged, but I swear it works! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Sorry for the phone recording quality and the french accent :smiley:

Hey Alcibiade,
Dude, this is AWESOME! Thank you so much for the help! I’m going to try both implementations here, though your last video seems to be idea.

I will let you know how it goes!!