Adjusting Parameters Using Sequencer in UE4


I’m trying to get my audio to fade out at the end of a sequence in UE4.

I have added my Fmod Parameter track (and it automatically detects the parameter name)

But when i set the parameter in the sequence, it doesnt actually change anything.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? Do i need to blueprint something for this? Or is there something obvious i may be missing?

I know this is pretty vague but i thought i would get the basics out of the way to see if that solved it, and then move onto more specific details if needed!


What version of UE4 and the Integration are you using?
How exactly are you setting the parameter values for the event, it should just be a matter of adding key frames with the values you want.

Hi and thanks for your response

Im on 4.15.3 with correct integration.

I want to add a fade out to the end of my event, at the end of the sequence.

I have made a parameter with a range of 0-5, and automated the volume from 0dB (at 0) to silence (at parameter 5) - i have also slowed seek speed down slightly

In UE Sequencer, the event is triggered at the start of the sequence via the FMOD control track.

I then use the FMOD parameter track (which recognizes the relevant parameter from FMOD). I keyframe the parameter at 0 when i want to start the fade. Where i want the Event to reach silence, i add another keyframe with parameter set to 5 (which is silence in my FMOD parameter)

However, i get no attenuation happening when running the sequence.

Am i missing something?


The reason I asked for the version of the FMOD Integration was so that I could test it to confirm whether or not it works.

You could try connecting the Studio Profiler using live update and in the API capture it should show “EventInstance::setParameterValue” and the value being called.

Thanks for the response again Cameron - apologies. My Integration is 1.09.04

I’ve done what you suggested via the API and i can’t see any setParameterValues instances being called.

I have tried this on 2 separate machines, with 2 different projects, and an getting the same results.

I have got around this by just using ADSR and then calling the events to stop in sequencer, but i imagine i will be required to set parameters for other instances at some point soon!

Any other ideas would be appreciated


It does appear to be a bug in the 1.09.04 integration.
If you are able to update to 1.09.05 this issue is fixed.