Global Parameters

Hi there,

Just wondering if there’s a way to set up a global parameter, i.e. a parameter that could control/be used for two (or more) separate events?


As I write this on the 29th of July, 2014, Studio does not yet support global parameters. This feature is, however, on our to-do list.

Until global parameters are available in Studio, we recommend that you mimic the effect by using your game’s code to near-simultaneously set the parameter values of multiple events.


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the reply. I know this is probably a stab in the dark but any idea of when the feature would become available? I could carry on using the game’s code but global parameters would make my life so much easier!


We haven’t scheduled that feature yet, so I can’t give any kind of estimate as to when it will become available. That being said, there are many other features waiting to be scheduled as well; It would be unwise to depend on any particular one becoming available in time to be used in your current project(s).

How is this still not a feature? This seems like a really primary need to me.

This feature has been developed internally, and is currently undergoing quality assurance testing. It will be included in an upcoming major version release of FMOD Studio.

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If it helps up the priority, I’d like to add a request for this feature.


Any update on this?

Wwise support this feature nicely.

This feature was released as part of FMOD Studio version 2.00.00.

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