Changing example Shooter Game's Unreal audio engine to FMOD by modifying C++ code (help)


Okay, I’ve got this assignment in which I need to completely strip a UE project off of it’s original UE implemented audio and reimplement my own sound design through FMOD. The “game” I’m using is the Epic Games learning example of a Shooting Game. A lot of stuff can be easily done through blueprints, but menus are not one of those things. The menus use the Slate Widget Style thingy that natively has this drop down menus in which you can pick a sound cue file to play when a certain thing in the menu is selected/pressed on.

The menu looks like this. I want to replace these dropdowns with a selectable FMOD event and preserve the behavior (i.e. the FMOD events gets triggered when a menu option is selected, for example).

I have an extremely limited understanding of coding, but I know my way around well enough, I get the syntax etc. So… With all that said, how do I change this code (picture HERE) to play an FMOD event instead of a sound? What do I need to change in the code to make all of this work? Please help, I really need this and I’m at a complete loss.