Channel Views are Different


Can someone help me with a problem I am having with FMOD 64bits. I just installed it and am using it for the first time. I have a file with two differing views of the wave samples. (see image).

The first channel (or the top one) has what appears an overhead views of the ,wave files when the second (or lowest) one has a side view of the files. I want to make the second one appear as the first and don not know how to achieve this. Instead of seeking within the program without knowing where to find the solution, I was hoping that somebody could drop a line for advise.

The first track is the multilane track (“View” > “Show overlapping instruments in lanes”). In this mode, instruments that overlap will stack on top of each other vertically instead of stacking over the top of each other.

There is a limit for the number of lanes available, determined by the size of the track, and when this limit is reached the instruments will begin to overlap each other as seen on the second track.

This is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect how the event plays out.

Thanks for the info. It would be more workable to have none of the limits on all these lanes because the view at the stacks is easier to work with the wave files. Is this a improvement that can be made to the program?

You can increase the size of tracks by clicking on the edge of the track headers on the left hand size, or by right clicking and selecting Resize Track. This will increase the number of tracks available.

There’s not much further we can do as once you get to a certain number of lanes you’re looking at a single blob of instruments and waveforms. In this state it would be very difficult to work with the instruments overlapping each other. It is probably better to use multiple tracks if you’re getting to this state.

Can you get the 64 bit FMOD panels to appear like they do in the 32 bit version? And what is the benefits for the more simple applications with using FMOD 64 bit over the 32 bit version? (In case they are considerable and the problems one may get going back to 32 bit V after installing 64 bit V is not an issue.)

What are you referring to when you talk about “panels”? There’s no functionality differences between the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of FMOD Studio, it’s just how it accesses memory.