ChannelGroup isPlaying returns false


I’m playing around with an occlusion system and noticed some weirdness.
Before I start to shoot rays I check if the event actually is playing since I wanted to avoid that e.g scatter sounds are checked when not having any active sounds (works fine by the way).
But then I had by accident a looped streamed event in the scene with the wav I use in audio track 2 and a short (muted) wav in audio track 1 (using temporary stuff) and I notice that channelgroup->isPlaying returns false when audio track 1 reach it’s end.
Shouldn’t isPlaying return true if any sound in the group is playing?

I guess I can loop trough the individual channels to fix it, just thought it seemed weird.

Hi ,
We will have to test this but it does seem like it may be possible for a group that has isplaying=false , to overwrite the state of the previous group that has isplaying=true. Ie a possible bug.
We will look into it further and get back to you.

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I can confirm that there is an issue with isPlaying on channelgroups and it will be patched for the next minor release. The work around for now as you say is to check the individual channels.

Great, thank you!