Fmod volume randomization calculation


I’m porting an fmod designer .fdp file and need some clarification an some values.

Range: -60db -> 0db

So how does Fmod use this value?

Volume: 10db
Volume_Randomization: -30

randomValue = random(0, -30)
volume = Volume + randomValue


randomValue = random(+30, -30)
volume = volume + randomValue

The same question also for pitch_randomization.

Thx alot


Using the example you provided, the volume would be a value between -20dB to 10dB.

Pitch works differently and uses the second approach. So if the current pitch is 0 semitone with a pitch_randomization of 5 semitones, the ouput would be a value between -5 semitones (lower pitch) and 5 semitones (higher pitch).

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