Codec Counts setting

Can I get some explanation for this setting? The manual doesn’t mention anything.

Are those the default values? Why is Vorbis 0? I use a bunch of vorbis files in my game, should I be changing these values?


Those are advanced configuration settings you will only need to change them to set specific resource limits. These settings are explained further under Core API | System. It is fine to leave them on their default values.

Having Vorbis set to 0 means it will just have it memory allocated whenever a file of that type is loaded, it isn’t a reference to how many files are present.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, it helps a bit, but a few notes:

I can’t find anything very specific in the docs here: maybe I’m not looking at the correct place?

Second, if it’s “advanced” why did it get exposed in the settings of the Unity implementation? Nothing else in there is remotely advanced.

Could I have an actual use-case where I would want to change the values? Our game is for mobile, but at least half the audio files are vorbis. I have a pattern of having the shorter SFX as FADPCM and the music / ambient sounds as Vorbis, so at any time at any scene, there is at least 1 (but usually more) vorbis sounds playing.

Anyway, I guess I’ll leave it at default for now.

Apologies I missed a link to the explanation, I’ll add it to my original response to:

The term “advanced” is just a heading used for a settings that “allow configuration of lesser used system level settings. These tweaks generally allow the user to set resource limits and customize settings to better fit their application.” Virtual Voice Count and Real Channel Count are more advanced options that are also exposed.

For examples of values to set the defaults to for an Android platform can be found under FMOD API | Platform Details, which includes links to further performance information.

Hope this helps.

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