Voices Active (Self/Total) limited to 32



I’m working on a project where we’re hitting this 32 active voice limit which I’m not exactly sure where it’s coming from. The game is being made with a custom game engine, I’m not involved in the integration side of things and don’t have access to the source code to have a look.

My question: are these 32 hardware limited or should it be possible to exceed that number of active voices. We’re using Vorbis compression if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance for any pointers I could forward to the programmer who’s responsible for the SDK integration.


Try calling System::setAdvancedSettings and set the
maxVorbisCodecs member of FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS to a value greater than 32 before initialising the Studio System.

Default value for max software channels should be 64, but I think it’s handled differently for compressed samples. System::setSoftwareChannels to also increase the max value.

Does this work?

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Thank you Alessandro, will forward this to the programmer and update here later (he’s in a different timezone).

Hi again Alessandro,

that fixed it! Thanks again!

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