Command instrument getting distance from event?

I have event A that is far away in a level. In that event, I have a command instrument that triggers event B that is very close. Event B inherits event A’s distance (very far away), but I don’t want that.
I want event B to have the distance of event B.

Anything I can do to change that?

Event instances started by command instruments have their 3D attributes set to match the triggering event, and this position is not updated afterwards. Additionally, you cannot access event instances created this way, so you cannot set their 3D attributes.

If you need event B to have it’s own distance, you’ll have to move event A to the desired position, or re-evaluate the structure of event A with relation to event B. So that I can help suggest an alternative, can I get you elaborate on the event structure and desired behavior in game?

Ok. Seems to be a feature and not a bug then :slight_smile: