Command instruments and switching a parameter back to a specified value after a certain amount of time

I’m really loving the new command instrument functionality in 2.01.
I’m interested in setting up an integer parameter which sets itself back to 0 after a defined quantized amount of time, which would be different on a case per case basis.
basically, so that if i switch it to 2, in 1 bars it pops back to 0, if i set it to 3, in 2 bars it switches back 0, etc.
I managed to get this working by having a conditional command instrument have a set time delay but i’d like the delay to be quantized so the parameter switching back doesn’t depend on the exact moment or changing the parameter.
I guess i could create a chain of quantized parameters to achieve this but that seems a bit clunky.

Any ideas?


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If I understand you correctly, you want the parameter value to reset itself to a specific value after a period of time based on the value to which it was set, in a manner similar to the behavior of a parameter with velocity, but for the parameter’s reset to its default value to be instantaneous rather than ramped, and for the change to be quantized to the bar. That’s a tricky one…

Have you considered using a pair of set parameter command instruments, where the second in the pair has a quantized delay? Or does that not suit your project’s needs?