Component sound event seemingly randomly set to 'None'

Hi FMOD support,

My team has come across a strange occurence that we haven’t been able to prevent from happening again yet:

  • We have added an FMODAudio component to an object blueprint and have chosen an event to go with that (Component -> (under details:) Sound -> Event dropdown list);

  • We have saved the blueprint and pushed the changes (using GitHub);

  • When pulling the project and opening it, the event from the dropdown list (again under the component’s details -> Sound) is reset to its initial state (‘None’).

So without any of us changing the sound event allocated to the component, it is reset to none. Of course, no sound plays until we reassign the event from the dropdown list.

It doesn’t occur very often, so we haven’t been able yet to determine any conditions that could cause this. Is there anything you know we can do to prevent this from happening? We’re puzzled.

We’re currently using FMOD Studio 1.06.01 and UE4.7.6.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, Sander

P.S. Thanks so much for developing such a nifty and user-friendly tool as FMOD. This is great. <3

We haven’t come across this ourselves. When the problem occurs, does it fix itself by changing the content, or is restarting UE4 sufficient? Does it just happen with a single event or do you mean it gets into a state where all events disappear?

If it is a single element, could it be because the event is new and other designers haven’t got the latest banks yet?

Hi Geoff,

It happens to single events, not all events simultaneously. So far, we’ve fixed it by manually reselecting the proper sound event for the component. Restarting UE4 doesn’t seem to do the trick on itself, but I’ll make sure to check that next time it happens.

It has happened to events that had been implemented in the game for well over a week. The other designers had the latest banks. Still, if you haven’t come across it yet and other users haven’t brought it up either, I suspect something’s gone awry with our version control after all.

Should it occur again, I’ll let you know if I can detect any regularities.