Confusion about 2d distance and direction parameters

Hi, i was trying to make a sound play louder as you get closer, but i after setting it up in fmod, it doesn’t seem to work properly during playtesting, after some googling i think the problem might be that my game is working using the XY axis and not the XZ, but i’m not sure.

We indeed had some problems using x,y instead of x,z, but it was essentially panning problems (I think there’s a bug but it hasn’t been confirmed by the staff). I don’t remember if the attenuation was correct at that time, though. Instead of changing your coordinates, you could change the left-handed system to right-handed and see if it changes anything.
How did you configure min/max distance and sound size?

Could you please provide a bit more information on what you mean by it doesn’t work properly?

If you believe this could be an XY vs XZ issue, my initial thought is that the FMOD Listener is not oriented correctly, perhaps facing the ground?