Distance Parameter not working properly anymore

Hi everyone!

I’m having an issue that I can’t seem to solve, and so far seems like some kind of bug, unless I’m overlooking something obvious.

I have a couple of sound effects set up as 2D events in FMOD using the built-in Distance parameter, so they should get louder when the player/camera approaches. I’m doing this by modulating the Volume over distance. The Studio Listener is attached to my camera and I’m playing the SFX using

FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("SFXname", transform.position);

This used to work perfectly fine, but now those events don’t play at all. Every other event, that isn’t using the distance parameter works fine. Events that have the Distance-paremeter attached work as well, as long as there’s no kind of modulation done over Distance. As soon as I add a point to any modulation curve, the sounds do not get played in the game - even if the curve doesn’t actually modulate anything (i.E. keeping dB at 0.00, but there’s a point on the curve).

A suspicion I’m having is that the sound’s aren’t played at the correct position, but the code is definitely correct, everything was working fine that way until, I think, I updated to FMOD 2.0, now I can’t seem to make any use of the built-in Distance parameter at all (however I’m not exactly sure the Update is what caused the issue. I only noticed it today and updated a few days ago). I also re-imported the Unity package to no success.

I’m using Unity version 2018.3.5f1 Personal.

Anybody got an idea what could be the issue?

I’ve tried using the same PlayOneShot() function that uses a Distance parameter and it seems to work fine. Can you check this Distance parameter and make sure “Hold value during playback” is not enabled?

Can you also record a profiler session, ensuring you capture the moment this event is created & played. You can then select the event instance in the profiler session, and display the Distance parameter’s graph. You should see if this parameter is changing at all during playback.

Hey, are you still having trouble using PlayOneShot() with events with a Distance parameter?