Assigning parameter to distance.

Hi all I am new to both FMOD and Unity. I have been reading up on the integration documentation and researching online for some time, however i am finding it difficult to pickup.

What I am trying to achieve is evolving audio within the game my team is working on. I have built an event inside FMOD which consists of 3 looping audio tracks, there is a parameter which changes the volume of the tracks to make the music more intense. I want the parameter to change as i move closer to an object within my game.

So far i have FMOD listener working and it is triggering my event but i cannot work out how to integrate the parameter. Any help for this would be HUGELY appreciated as I need to understand this for University. Thanks in advance!

This should be easy. For your parameter make sure it’s a built in distance parameter. In unity play your music using an FMOD_Studio Event Emitter on an object and the position will be set automatically.