How to copy events from one bank to another?

I notice that in the Banks tab if I drag events, it shows a (+) icon on Mac, but it MOVES them. I don’t know how to COPY them instead, is there a way? I tried holding down modifier keys but am not seeing a different operation.

Also related: is there a way in Events tab to show ALL events without the folder structure? Meaning, more like Banks view, where the hierarchy is temporarily filtered out? This would make it easier for me to select various unreferenced events and assign to banks, without having to dig through folders.

The copy cursor displaying instead of the move cursor when dragging items in browsers is a known issue caused by the version of the Qt framework that we use to handle FMOD Studio’s user interface. It affects all browsers on all platforms, and has proven frustratingly difficult for us to fix.

Of course! On Mac, you can use “Command-C” and “Command-V” to copy and paste most items, including events - or you can right-click or Ctrl-click on an item and select “Copy” from the context menu, then right-click or Ctrl-click on the desired destination and select “Paste.”
The “Duplicate” command (and “command-d” keyboard shortcut) does something very similar, but avoids using the clipboard and only takes a single step.
All of these commands are also available through the “Edit” menu in the main menu bar.

Yep! Just click the “Flatten” button in the bottom-right corner of the browser, and all your folders will disappear until you click it again. This button is present in most of FMOD Studio’s browsers.

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Oh wow @joseph , this is exactly why (1) I wish I knew earlier but (2) I’m grateful I asked you… good to know these standard user conventions and shortcuts are in place. I forgot about “Flatten”!

@joseph Checking to make sure I understand, because I can’t seem to COPY AND PASTE events from one bank to another.

  • I go to Banks tab.
  • I expand a bank so I see what’s inside.
  • I right-click an event and choose “Copy Path” (the nearest thing).
  • I right-click a different bank… but I don’t see “Paste”.

I’ve also tried the Command-C and -V but don’t see them, and the Edit menu items are also grayed out.

What am I missing? This is in FMOD Studio 2.02.15

Oh! You’re in the banks browser. Sorry, I overlooked that detail.

Copying and pasting won’t work in the banks browser because you’re not actually creating new copies of the event, you’re just assigning the same event to multiple banks. Instead, once you’ve assigned the event to at least one bank, you just need to hold down the Command key and drag the event from one bank to another, and it’ll end up assigned to both.

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@joseph That was exactly it, thank you again. I was earlier confused due to the (+) showing with other modifiers, but Command-drag did it!