I’m here to report a bug with either the API or the Custom DSP Example. I ported the example to C# with my API Wrapper for FMOD and it gives me FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN_VERSION for sdk version value 0x00010000 (1.0.0) which is what’s used in the Example program. I’ve tried a few other values but to no avail.

On another note, Here’s my implementation of the Example. Forgot that I should probably add this in.

The PluginSDKVersion should be set to FMOD_PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION.

The first member, FMOD_DSP_DESCRIPTION::pluginsdkversion, must always hold the version number of the plug-in SDK it was complied with. This version is defined as FMOD_PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION . The SDK version is incremented whenever changes to the API occur.

Well, crap… How do I access that at runtime? (I’m probably gonna have to hard code that, aren’t I?)

Also, The example should probably use that, should it not? (Currently, its using the constant 0x00010000)

Which example are you referring to?

dsp_custom.cpp in release 2.0.5’s Core API examples.

Edit: Wait, its setting that to another field of the structure… And leaving PluginSDKVersion 0… Nvm

Edit 2: Now I’m having another issue, in that its not calling my DSP Creation callback, it goes straight and calls the Read Callback… Do I make another forum post for this or…?

Best to make a new post for this, are you able to add any logging to see if the create callback is being triggered at all?