Crash - "Starvation detected in WASAPI output buffer!" Where to start with solving this

I got an FMOD related crash:
[FMOD] OutputWASAPI::mixerThread : Starvation detected in WASAPI output buffer!

I don’t even know where to begin figuring out how to solve this. I have a few questions tho.
Could Unity ‘Development Build’ cause crashes?
Could FMOD’s Live Update feature cause crashes?
In otherwords, is having live update and development build putting extra risk of crash on the game?
I’ve attached an image of the profiler during gameplay, do these seem in the ballpark of normal ranges? anything stand out?
I’ve also attached an image of the in game Debug Console, anything stand out?
I’m using FMOD 1.10.13
Not sure what our sound person is using for FMOD studio, perhaps updating that to latest might help?

EDIT: while running the profiler for a while, the CPU - Update got above 100% (about 113%) for a while. Seems like a problem? I’m having trouble reproducing it though


any advice on where to start with this would be much appreciated


Ok I think I’m calling way too many instances. 500+ (really unnecessary). I can clean this up in the code but we’ve had max instances set to 2. I thought the limits set in FMOD studio would prevent this many instances.

This is just a warning and will not cause a crash, although it could be a symptom of a different issue. In this case it looks like you may be using a number of Events with expensive DSP effects (eg. convolution reverb). You should also be able to see the CPU and memory per Event in the profiler.

Using development built or Live Update may use more CPU or memory but shouldn’t cause a crash. Do you have any logs from the game or crash reports that provide any more information?