[FMOD] OutputWASAPI::mixerThread : Starvation detected in WASAPI output buffer!

Hello, i have a bug, but no fix found.

I work on Unity 2018.2.11f1, and FMOD 1.10.10.

After more than 15-30 minutes, even more, my build on PC crash, with this error message in console, repeated a few times before the crash :

[FMOD] OutputWASAPI::mixerThread : Starvation detected in WASAPI output buffer!

The sound stop and the game close early after that.

I haven’t seen a irregular change on the FMOD profiler, I don’t understand the problem.
Even if I wait in my scene Unity without push any button, it will crash randomly after 15-30 minutes.

That message is only a warning and is usually a symptom of an issue.

Are you getting any other errors or warnings?
Changing the logging level to LOG may also provide more useful information:

At this time, I have not fix that, difficult to reproduce, and the log of fmod doesn’t seem to tell why.

It’s not automatic, sometimes it will no crash, sometimes it will crash earlier. It’s random, but significant, many player experiment this issue.

I use also Resonance Audio, for info.

I have play this game on another laptop, and it crashes again, and this time I have an error message :

0x00007FF816E13701 (resonanceaudio.dll)

So the problem come from Resonance Audio apparently, but I don’t know how to fix that :frowning: