Hi everyone
i have in my mixer input list 3 objects that have no name… (see screenshot here: … t_fmod.gif) i don’t know how they got there or why they don’t have a name.

when i click on any of them, Fmod Studio crashes.

Do you have any idea what i can do to fix this?


Hey Joseph,
thanks! i’ve just sent a link to the project like you suggested.
I’m just a little under pressure because my project presentation in university is in only 40 hours :-? I know, i’m very late :slight_smile:

No, i haven’t switched versions.

I recommend you send a copy of your project to along with a description of your problem and the version of Studio that you’re using. With a copy of the project on-hand, we’ll be much better positioned to discover the cause of the issue.

If you can’t send us a copy of your project for any reason, then there’s still information you can send us that would help: What version of Studio are you using, and have you switched from one version to another recently?