Create a loop that repeats n times

I want to loop an audio track a certain number of times in a timeline sheet. Is there any way?

Yes, it’s possible. There are a few different ways you could do it.

The simplest would be to use an instrument that’s set to loop with a finite play count of your choosing.

If you’d prefer to use timeline logic instead, you could use a loop region with a parameter trigger condition in conjunction with an increment parameter command instrument, to ensure the parameter’s value is incremented once each loop.

thanks for your answer!

Let me ask you one more thing. After repeating a specific section n times, is it possible to stop the loop or move to a specific section?

like this?

Yes, of course.

As I suggested in my above post, you should add a parameter trigger condition to the loop region, then place a command instrument somewhere inside the loop region and set its command to “increment parameter.” This will ensure the parameter’s value is incremented once each loop. If you set the parameter’s trigger condition such that it ceases being true after a certain number of loops, you’ll get the behavior you want.

I’m not sure where or how to give the command to increase the parameter.

My guess is that you are issuing a parameter command here… Can you tell me how? I don’t understand even after looking at the manual.

Not there.

  1. In the editor, right-click on either the audio track or the master track, then select “Add Command Instrument” from the context menu.
    This adds a purple command instrument to the track.
  2. If the command instrument is not inside the loop region already, click and drag it inside the loop region.
  3. Click on the command instrument to select it.
    This causes its properties to be displayed in the deck.
  4. In the deck, set the command type property to “Increment Parameter.”
  5. Set the target property to the loopcontrol parameter.
  6. Set the delta value property to the number you want to increment that parameter by (probably 1).

That should get you the behavior you want.

i did it!!! thank you! And I’m sorry to bother you with such an elementary question

I’m glad to hear you could get it working!

That’s what this forum is for!