Creating Demos for FMOD Studio

Hello everyone

I will be floating around the forums as much as possible to take part in the discussions about FMOD Studio and where possible I will try and answer questions if I think I have something useful to contribute.

Right now I am creating some demo projects to accompany the FMOD Studio Alpha download to give everyone something to play with and hopefully provide some interesting material. As I’m sure you all know as an Alpha build Studio is still limited in the functionality it exposes and so there have been some interesting challenges in creating some of these Events. I fear I am becoming somewhat of an annoyance to the team as I keep saying “but it would be so cool if I could do…”

I am honestly really excited about the potential that Studio has, and because of that I think I am also being pretty impatient about it all. I can see what it is going to be able to do and I want to do it all NOW!

Anyway, right now I am working on an Event that simulates an aircraft through its entire operation cycle. Start-up, idle, taxi, take-off, Flight, landing and shutdown. It will have two perspectives, both inside the cockpit and outside and should all fit into a single Event with only a couple of parameters, so it would theoretically be very straightforward to implement in code. Coincidentally and conveniently I just finished creating a sound effects library of aircraft sounds, so I just happened to have to have some recordings of a WW2 Spitfire just lying around. Lets hope it all sounds good when I get it finished.

One thing I will say. I have been very lucky to get early access to FMOD Studio and I am trying very hard to learn as much about it as quickly as I can to help pass that info on to others, however this is a journey of discovery for me as much as it is for anyone else, so I would encourage anyone on these forums to pass on ideas, feedback and thoughts about processes and design concepts. I have no issue with someone suggesting there is a better way something can be done, I can only consider that information that will benefit us all.

I hope everyone has some fun with the demo projects and that we can get some interesting discussions happening on the forums.

Welcome and enjoy!