Creating placeholder Events directly from Unity


I’m struggling to find is there any way to create new FMOD event directly from Unity Editor through script? We are having custom tool for creating dialogue lines based on nodes, and each node needs to play audio corensponding to displayed text. Since there will be alot of those nodes, we need to automaticly create events in Unity, because it is almost imposibble for sound designer to prepare all events in FMOD before our wrtiter will be implementing it in Unity.

Also it would be awesome if there was a way, to add new bank and attach it to that event still using only Unity.

Can you please guide me in some direction where I should seek answers?

The EditorUtils class (“Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Editor\EditorUtils.cs”) has a method for creating an event inside an attached FMOD Studio Project.
public static string CreateStudioEvent(string eventPath, string eventName)
It will return the guid for the newly created event or null if unsuccesful due to naming conflicts. We don’t have anything that does the same thing for banks but you could create a function yourself using FMOD Studio Scripting and call it from Unity in the same way EditorUtils does.