How to add audio in a FMOD+Unity build

I am using FMOD for beat detection for audio used in-game but my issue is that I want to add an audio file into my unity game build and play the audio file with beat detection working on it.
I am using Audio tables to store audio references in the game user can import audio files through unity and will be added to the source path of the Audio table but to play that in unity I have to click on FMOD build to regenerate , so is there any way that I can call Build FMOD event through unity and refresh banks in unity?

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Yes, I am also facing this issue can someone help on it?


Just wanted to clarify what the problem is, are you wanting to create new events from the Unity editor without going into FMOD studio?

This can be done by clicking the plus icon on an “Event Reference” in the Unity Editor.


Bringing up this window which will allow you to create the new event, assign it to a bank and choose where to save it. All from within Unity.


Let me know if this helps

Hi @Connor_FMOD,
This is not exactly what I am looking for, my issue is that in an Unity build which we run on a device(for example .apk file for mobile devices) I want to add a local audio file and play it through FMOD Studio Event Emitter component in unity. Because I want the user to add their own choice of music in the application with beat detection through FMOD.

I hope this makes the requirement a bit clearer.