Custom attenuation Curves?

The project I’m working on has a fixed camera Isometric viewpoint. I have a foley event tied to their animations in UE4.

NPC Characters walk past this camera on the street below, but because the perspective has the road moving “towards” the camera, when the character walks off screen to the right, the footsteps feel unnaturally loud. I realize that this is because the character is technically “closer” to the camera, but since the character is off screen it just doesn’t feel right to have the audio that loud.

Any suggestions on how to handle this? Custom attenuation curve? Some kind of parameter?

Here’s an image to convey the issue…

There’s a number of different ways you could handle this. Here’s some suggestions.

One of the simplest would be to detach the listener from the camera, and position it on or near the window of the shop. Because all 3D properties of events use the events’ positions relative to the listener, this would ensure that footsteps would get quieter as your NPCs walked further away from the shop window.

Another would be to use custom volume automation on the distance built-in parameter, as you suggest. This could be in addition to, or instead of, any attenuation applied by the events’ 3D panner effects.

Which method is best depends on your requirements. If you let us know what does or doesn’t work for you about the above suggestions, we might be able to offer further advice.

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Thanks for the help! Detaching the listener from the camera seems to make the most sense. Can you point me towards how to go about doing this in UE4?