Custom speaker layout

Any advice about using FMOD Studio in conjunction with a custom speaker layout?

I’m trying to do a rectangular 2x4 layout. Since my system is symmetrical, my best inclination is to create two instances of a duplicate Studio System (7.1 setup, LS RS & C muted), and run them both simultaneously and in inverse (if that makes sense).

I have a hunch that there is a better method for doing this. Help/suggestions are appreciated.

For anyone interested, I’m making two instance of my same FMOD Studio file, and making all game parameters go from -1 to 1, and my FMOD is expecting parameters from 0 to 1. The zero point is a cross-over point between my two sound systems. My second sound system is receiving inverted position information from the first, so a -.5 x-coordinate from my first instance is a .5 x-coordinate in my second instance.

I set position using the set3DAttributes() function of the EventInstance object

I have the benefit of having a symmetrical sound system.

Again, i’m open to better suggestions in setup, because I am relatively new. Also, if anyone wants specific code, I can show that too.