Customisable zoom/scroll shortcuts?

The zoom/scroll shortcuts (especially with the use of the modwheel) are one of the biggest workflow issue when working often on several softwares. Being able to configure that is a must, in my opinion, to make every software match those behaviors. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be configurable on FMOD.

You can configure the pure keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out in the “Shortcuts” tab of the preferences dialog. (They’re right at the bottom of the list, and are set to “[” and “]” by default.)

You can configure the key used to zoom in conjunction with the mouse wheel in the “Interface” tab, under the “Scrolling the mouse wheel in the multitrack view” setting category. That being said, the options in this category are limited, so I can see how you might find them limiting. Is there some specific modifier key you want to use in conjunction with the mouse wheel that isn’t currently available?

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Oh, that’s great, I didn’t see this menu in the “interface” tab. Now it’s perfect, thanks :wink: