UI Scaling for 4K Screens

(Bojan Endrovski) #1

Hey there, I am using FMOD Studio on 4K screen and the UI is so small that is basically impossible to read. Is there a way to enable UI scaling? In not, is there a plan to implement it?

(Bret Hoffman) #2

I have the same problem. I’m using the native display scaling in Win10.

(Patrick Wadsworth) #3

Is the question regarding FMOD Designer? If so, this is something that is unlikely to be fixed given that FMOD Designer is a legacy product. FMOD Studio should deal with high DPI displays more gracefully.

(Bojan Endrovski) #4

FMOD Studio. This is what it looks like on my desktop and it’s not a huge screen physically [FMOD Studio UI Image][1]
[1]: https://goo.gl/photos/Ja3Uy85MC1sKoskZ8

(リチャード清水) #5

Hi Bojan and Bret,

It’s currently not possible to adjust the DPI settings of FMOD Studio independently of the operating system. You will need to adjust the DPI settings of Windows 10 through system settings and restart FMOD Studio to see these changes.

Please also note that FMOD Studio will take the highest DPI settings if two monitors are present - for example a laptop with 4k resolution and a secondary 1080p monitor will pick up the DPI settings of the laptop screen.

We have added a note into our task tracker to better accommodate high resolution monitors.


(Bojan Endrovski) #6

Thank you Richard. I do have UI scaling in Windows set to 150% in fact and use only one screen.

(リチャード清水) #7

Hi Bojan,

You may need to up the DPI a bit more. On my machine Windows is recommending 200% scaling. As mentioned, we are working on improving this.

(Patrick Wadsworth) #8

Update: Since Studio 1.10.01 we’ve added experimental support for forcing the displayed device pixel ratio on Windows. This is available under the Interface tab of the Preferences dialog. We’re keen to know if adjusting this setting (i.e. to a number from 1 to 4) helps.

We do plan on further improving high DPI support in the future. Part of the issue relates to the 3rd party UI library we’re using, so we’re looking at upgrading this.

(Bojan Endrovski) #9

Thank you for looking into this again. I did update to latest (1.10.02) and the scaling does work. But it’s not helpful for me yet, as I can only set an integer value and 2 is already to large. Also the text kerning is a bit off for that value.

I am looking forward to new upgrades.