Dedicated server crash on UE4.26


I am still having an issue getting my server to work but perhaps I’ve done something wrong.

I downloaded the update version from GitHub. I extracted to plugins folder and added the binaries from distribution. Project builds successfully and plays in editor.

When loading standalone dedicated server I’m getting:

[2021.04.14-16.07.16:209][ 0]LogWindows: Error: Fatal error: [File:C:/Users/EnnArr/Documents/426/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/GarbageCollectionVerification.cpp] [Line: 81]
[2021.04.14-16.07.16:210][ 0]LogWindows: Error: Invalid object while verifying Disregard for GC assumptions: 0x00000000ffffffff, ReferencingObject: FMODAnimNotifyPlay /Script/FMODStudio.Default__FMODAnimNotifyPlay, ReferencingObjectClass: Class /Script/FMODStudio.FMODAnimNotifyPlay, Property Name: Event, Offset: 80, TokenIndex: 2
[2021.04.14-16.07.16:210][ 0]LogWindows: Error:

[2021.04.16-03.20.16:355][ 0]LogUObjectBase: Error: ‘this’ pointer is misaligned.

I forgot to mention that this is also in the log before the error above.

Thank you,

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Thanks for reporting this, I’m currently investigating the issue and I’ll update this thread when I have more information.

Are you still able to reproduce this issue with the 2.01.09 release from our website? There was a bug fixed with anim notifies in the release, it’s possible it will have fixed your issue.

In case the issue persists with the 2.01.09 release can you follow up on the below please:

I haven’t been able to reproduce this locally. From the error message it sounds like a problem with an FMOD anim notify when running the dedicated server so I’ve built a simple project with dedicated server using the third person template, added the FMOD UE4 plugin, and added an FMOD anim notify to one of the mannequin animations then placed a mannequin in the level playing the animation and triggering an FMOD event to play. This all works as expected in both the editor and running standalone.

Are you able to explain in a bit more detail the relevant parts of your setup? If I can replicate the relevant pieces I hope to be able to reproduce the issue directly, which should make fixing it relatively easy.


I still am having the issue on 2.01.09.

I do not use FMOD Anim Notify as far as I know. I have ambient noise controlled by FMOD and I have a FMOD Component attached to vehicle to make sound. This is the only current implementation of FMOD. I am also running a map that is using world composition.

Thank you.

Thanks for the additional information, I’ll have another go at reproducing the issue.

After deleting binary, saved and intermediate folders and rebuilding this is now working on 2.01.09. Thank you for your help!

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Glad to hear it’s working, please let us know if you run into any more difficulty.