FMOD / Unity Project folder structure

What is the ideal project setup for a Unity FMOD project? We have a folder with the FMOD project as a child project of the root Unity project folder (but not in the Assets folder). Then we can use a relative path to the *.fspro project file.

This allows us to include the FMOD project as a submodule in Git, that we can share with the sound team (they don’t need the entire Unity project).

The problem that we then have is that EVERYONE on the team must have FMOD studio installed so that they can build the FMOD banks so that they can simply run the project in Unity. This requires even the artists and the people on the team who have no interest in the audio side of the project have to manually load the separate FMOD studio tool and build the bank files every time the audio gets updated.

Ideally we’d like to just have our sound guy generate the Bank files, and these get checked into source control so that everyone else can just consume those files without needing FMOD studio installed.

Is there a way to set this up?

Change the banks build path in FMOD Studio project preferences to a folder inside Unity’s project or Assets folder. Build the banks inside FMOD Studio. The banks will be saved to the folder you selected. Select Single or Multiple Platform build in Unity’s FMOD settings. Point to that folder. Done :slight_smile:

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Ah, that makes way more sense. Thanks!

There is more information on the different ways you can set up the Unity Integration in our docs: