Delay in spatial effect in VR headsets in unreal engine


i have a sound playing at a specific location in an vr environment using unreal engine 4. The sound is correctly played in my vr headset. If i turn my head, the sound is correctly played on my left or right speaker on the headset, however, there is a noticeable delay for that transition to happen.

For example, i hear a sound to my left, but if i turn my head quickly, it still plays on my left speaker before switching to my right speaker, where i expect the sound to be. The delay is estimated half a second.

I tried loading the banks at level start, but i didnt noticed a difference, also i dont even know, if the problem is fmod delaying the spatial effect or unreal engine. Has anyone experienced something similar working in vr?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i fixed the issue, the problem was neither fmod or unreal, my headset sound was routed over an external program (voicemeter) which caused a delay.