Positional sounds seem extremely far away on Vive, but are correct on Oculus. What am I missing?

On Oculus I hear all our spatialized sounds correctly, as well as all our ambient sounds. On Vive, I hear only our ambient sounds… with one exception.

Most of our spatialized sounds roll off around 50m, but we have a shotgun blast that has a much longer attentuation range. On Vive, if I fire that shotgun right next to my head (kids don’t try this at home!) I can hear the gunshot as if it’s very distant. On Oculus, if I do the same thing I hear the gunshot right next to my head like you’d expect.

I’m driving the listener position via an overridden APlayerController::GetAudioListenerPosition which just returns our current head transform. This logic is identical regardless of which HMD we’re running on.

Are there differences between Oculus and Vive that I need to account for in our game code/audio configuration?

Never mind, this turned out to be something totally unrelated. :expressionless:

No worries, glad you got it sorted.

Just curious, what’d it turn out to be? Was it the gain reduction was enabled in the audio settings on Steam VR for Vive? I’m also testing audio for our vr game and notice that sometimes the sounds seem further away when testing with the Vive than with Oculus.

We’re using a plugin for FMOD which was missing a dependency on our demo machine.

What threw me off was that it worked on my dev machine (with an Oculus) and failed on our demo machine (with a Vive) and I misdiagnosed the problem as having to do with switching to the Vive, when in fact the problem was just switching to a different machine. I realized it when I tore down the Vive on the demo machine and replaced it with my Oculus and still experienced the same problem.