Delay interval bug in 2.01.07?


I’ve got a Multi Instrument with a delay interval set to be between 0 and 300 ms. But when I click play, what happens is that if the delay was for example 300 ms, audio will play from 0ms instead but be silent, and at 300ms its volume will suddenly pop up.

I take it this isn’t normal behaviour because I don’t remember having this problem before.

I just noticed that this only happens on one of my events, but not in another one that’s set up the same way. I’m trying to see if it doesn’t come from something I set up incorrectly, but I’m out of luck so far. Ideas are welcome!


It seems this happens if the Multi Instument is on the timeline of the event, but not if it’s on a parameter. and doesn’t happen if “async” is ticked.

So maybe it’s expected behaviour after all? Not sure, would love an explanation.

Hi ninomojo1,

What is happening is expected behaviour. The delay interval indicates how long after being triggered that the instrument should start. With async instruments, as you noticed, they will start from the beginning after this delay.

With timelocked (aka non-async) instruments, the playback position will match the playback position on the timeline. So the instrument will being after the delay, but the instrument will also seek to an offset matching where the cursor is on the timeline. An easy way to see this behaviour without delay interval is to set the cursor along the timeline before playback and notice where in the audio file playback begins.

Subtle stuff but it makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.